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Salt works in the south

Precious salt from the sea

In the far South of the La Palmas at the Faro light house you will find the only salt works on the island, which still produce traditional hand-won sea salt. This precious salt has a very high iodine content, and is a much sought after commodity. It can be purchased at the works directly. The “Flor de Sal” is sold either pure, or with different aromas. It is well worth visiting this place below the volcanos of the South.

A special sea salt

  • This place situated beneath the volcanoes and the famous vineyards of Fuencaliente is a really special destination. The famous “Flor de Sal” is harvested here using traditional means, and the salt is of course a fixed component of the kitchen spices at the Finca Aridane.

    Finca Aridane - Summer 2017

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