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Festivals on La Palma

No month without a festival

The people on La Palma know how to celebrate. There are plenty of festivals spread throughout the whole year. There are both traditional and Christian festivals, carnival, wine harvest festival, or the almond blossoming festival, for regional Saints, or to choose the best animal. Music, dance and sumptuous eating and drinking are always part of the festival. The calendar is packed with interesting events. In addition there are many local farmers’ and craft markets.

An old proverb says:
„Those whom God loves, He gives them water and a life on La Palma.“

The special Fiestas on La Palma

  • The almond blossom festival in February is a very special event which takes place in Puntagorda in the North West. The almost Caribbean style Carneval on La Palma is celebrated in a big way in the capital city Santa Cruz de La Palma and in Los Llanos. The biggest festival on the island however is the “Bajada de La Virgen”, which is celebrated every five years in July. The statue of the Holy Virgin of Las Nieves is carried through the town in a grand procession. This tradition has been going on now for 340 years. Originally it was held to pray for rain, and in the year 1676 it actually worked.

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