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La Palma

There are many ways to reach La Palma for holiday makers. The easiest way is by direct flight to the Santa Cruz de La Palma airport and travel times can be seen from the summer and winter schedules of major airlines. However should the required flights be fully booked or too expensive then there are alternatives.

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There are many direct flights to Tenerife and Gran Canaria. From there the regional airlines Binter and Canary Fly offers numerous low cost flights to La Palma. So using this route, you can reach the Isla Bonita with just a short stopover. We would be pleased to help you plan your journey.

Another alternative from Tenerife are the car ferries from Armas or Fred. Olsen Express, which sails from Los Christianos in the South of Tenerife via La Gomera, once a day to La Palma. The crossing takes ca. 3 hours.